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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Proton Satria Neo Strikes well in TOP GEAR

An eye-opening when I see my little country cars driven by professional drift drivers in oversea.
All the best Proton !! , hopefully Perodua will have their sport edition too one day !!

Some articles for u and me

I read a magazine called Monocle, a nice book, and I read one of its topic called : 
Work in Progress (GLOBAL)

Working style in SPAIN

Working style in JAPAN

Working style in AUSTRALIA

Working style in FINLAND

Working style in U.S.

Working style in BRITISH

Working style in FRENCH

Eiii....What about another 'country' ? I think u guess know which 'country' i mean,rite? I think in that 'country' , work as long as u like, no problem one, coz no ppl care pun..LOLZ

A Good magazine for u n me !!!


Freedom, many ppl in this world want to have this kinda life, Life's simple, u choose.

Not only Humans have boring days

I captured this in my house in hometown, saw my cat stood by the door, can feel she was boring that time, dunno where to go, no KLCC, no Mid Valley, no OneUtama, no Sunway Lagoon..:-)

Beer Cheers 2009

Somewhere in 2009 : One of the precious moment that I won't forget,
although it was just a simple beer drinks, but we had our amazing moment together.  

Memories :-)
BeerCheers !!

Taiwanese gift

Adorable gift from my colleague who just came back from taiwan not long ago, remind me about the traditional police costume in taiwan centuries ago, looks classic and meaningfull, sometimes something in the past still the best :-)


To all bloggers and readers out there, previously my blog was , now this is my new blog "Story about Alan" (Alan,that's my name) ,  This version will be treated as brought forward storyline from alan-creative-photography, so i will continue writing in this blog instead of the previous one, thanks to be will be more to my life and also my photography session.