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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some articles for u and me

I read a magazine called Monocle, a nice book, and I read one of its topic called : 
Work in Progress (GLOBAL)

Working style in SPAIN

Working style in JAPAN

Working style in AUSTRALIA

Working style in FINLAND

Working style in U.S.

Working style in BRITISH

Working style in FRENCH

Eiii....What about another 'country' ? I think u guess know which 'country' i mean,rite? I think in that 'country' , work as long as u like, no problem one, coz no ppl care pun..LOLZ

A Good magazine for u n me !!!


  1. Have read some of this, esp on working late.

  2. thanks Nava ~~!~! added ur blog in my list d