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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nice MV for PArty !!

Wanna Find a perfect Clubbing Mood when u are bored???
Try this music video below....I like this song , oldies + clubbin = perfect match !!

Korean Song + Beauty Dancers ??
Well,  this song below will suit u guys !!

Friday, April 29, 2011

SPERM BIKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG

Interesting , doesn't it ? This is what they call Sperm Bike , sperm on the road man ~!~!~!
This unique bike can be found in Copenhagen, Denmark  , I bet u guys must be thinking
" What this bike for ?? "

Nordisk Cryobank (European Sperm Bank)is one of Europe's leading sperm banks and the company was looking at environmentally-friendly alternatives to how they could transport their sperm samples to the fertility clinics around Greater Copenhagen.

The company's CEO, Peter Bower, says, "The first idea was how we could deliver to the fertility clinics in a C02-friendly way. Shortly afterwards followed the idea of a custom-designed bike with a cooling system. Now, six months later, we can cycle around the city on our sperm cell bike."


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicking - Tropicana City Mall

Cheap and TASTY Burger ???  
Come on and try this ChicKING ~!~!~

I and my gf ordered 2 Chicken Burger Sets  , 50% discount for 2nd SAME set.

As usual, I like to put some chilli sause in there. :-) 
For me it tasted better than Mcd , French Fries also tasted nice too.



GO have a Try , is located inside Tropicana City Mall , 1st floor,

 Taste GReat , Cheap , Value for Money

Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday Blue

Monday , one of the most terrible day for most of the people in the world. The day they need to get back to work, wake up early, brush teeth, wash the blur + blue face, walk out from the door , see everything is blueeeee...

Today , I felt blue when working today , is small matter actually. After that something happened, I figured it out that my LApTOP also felt blue today, then it gave me a blue face with a blue smile  just as shown below ~!~!!

U know why ? it jammed actually, but fine , I got patient for that, since I understand the concept of machine=human, so it needed to take a rest for a minute..THENNN

THEN IT gave me THIS ~!!!! LOLZZZ ...
What a BLUE DAY !!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011


 Sometimes when I'm watching cartoons , this cartoon below will suddenly cross my mind , which I watched when I was a very young age , not sure that time watched by VCD or Tape version. Quite nice this movie, sometimes cartoons really can cheer u up and make u feel extremely relax especially ur mind..Well, now I'm seeking for this cartoon below, I search my cartoon, my gf searches hers , then we watch together, simple and nice :-)

SS2 K.T.Z Food

Went to the dessert store with my lovely gf to have a taste of tong sui and dessert, located in SS 2, Damansara Jaya..
called the Frutti Stall , No.22 , Jalan SS2/63 , Petaling Jaya , Tel : 03-7787 2499



Black Sesame - my favourite soup RM 2.90

Creamy Wheat - RM 2.90

Loh Mai Kai - RM 3.50

P/F Dumpling - RM 5.80 (Opps I forgot the what the short form means)

Wall Band - RM 4.30 YUmmy ~!~!!!

U guys gonna love this  ~!~! Come and have a try !!!
No.22 , Jalan SS2/63 , Petaling Jaya , Tel : 03-7787 2499

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Wok - Tropicana City Mall

Lovely dinner moment with my dear , at this restaurant called "Happy Wok"  in Tropicana City Mall , 1st floor (full address refer to the end of this post) , for we really felt happy after tasted the food there. At 1st we felt a bit expensive , but we still plan to have a try. As the result , we really satisfied with the taste YUMMY!!

Taufu in Minced Pork and Fried Shallot - Looks normal in everywhere ? 
but for me it tasted great !! especially its sauce ,well done..
RM 8 (Small)

Lap Cheong Omelette - fried egg with sausage
I like the taste of the sausage + the taste of the egg, well-mixed taste
RM 8 (Small)

Steamed Rice - my dear put some taufu sauce on it ..LOLZZ ,
RM 1 per plate

Tea (Xiang Pin Flavor) - refillable tea 
RM3 per pot

The Menu

The Interior 

Where is it??? --> Inside Tropicana City Mall 
Lot L1.12 , Level 1,
Tel : 03-7710 6112

Simple Simple Photos to share for u & me

Saturday, April 16, 2011

BMS Organic in Uptown

BMS Organics

black sesame hi calcium

Bamboo Charcoal Dried Noodles - surprising colour of the noodles ,ain't they? but it tastes great and those meat(not meat ,is organic type) tastes nice too~!~!

Spagetti ~!~!

Detail of the Spagetti -> black colour version , charcoal type , nice man ~!~!

This Bamboo Charcoal Burger, will try next time, already full that time..
Really Attract my attention !~~!!!!
That's why I purposely enlarge the size of this photo ~!~!!

Well ,don't forget to be one of the member for RM12 to get 10% of purchased items.