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Saturday, April 16, 2011

BMS Organic in Uptown

BMS Organics

black sesame hi calcium

Bamboo Charcoal Dried Noodles - surprising colour of the noodles ,ain't they? but it tastes great and those meat(not meat ,is organic type) tastes nice too~!~!

Spagetti ~!~!

Detail of the Spagetti -> black colour version , charcoal type , nice man ~!~!

This Bamboo Charcoal Burger, will try next time, already full that time..
Really Attract my attention !~~!!!!
That's why I purposely enlarge the size of this photo ~!~!!

Well ,don't forget to be one of the member for RM12 to get 10% of purchased items.


  1. wow, have not seen this type of food before, must try out to taste it.

  2. ya nava, u gonna try this ~!~! nice one ~!~!

  3. Ahhhh, glad that there is another kaki here for organic vegetarian food ^_______^

    I have been having my organic 'charp fan' at least 2-3 times a week for the past 2-3 years d :) Since i am not allowed to convert myself to be a vegetarian, so i do it on a semi-veg basis. But i am a all time lover for vegetables :)

  4. cool man, u live in which area? when free, we can have meal n chat here since the food here taste great !! if i walk , jst need about 10-15 minutes will reach d, just opposite my neighborhood.

  5. I am staying in Subang USJ, you? I think we have 1 BMS in Taipan too! But i normally frequent the Organic Vegetarian Frest Mart in SS18 ^_^ Have been eating there for years d.

    Can can, it will be great if we have the chance to catch up in the future and you have to teach me more on photography!!!!

  6. I'm staying in Damansara Jaya, if google or GPS u jst find :
    a) Atria Shopping Center, or
    b) Gamuda bhd (company that i work for beside Atria, or
    c) KDU college (nearby )

    these 3 places are near to my house, jst 10 minutes walk will reach, so sometimes i will walk to work...teach u photography? no problem, but i m not professional yet,haha..if wan to meet someday can contact me at 016-471-9883 .. :-)