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Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Fortune Teller Told me i got 8 points for "this" ~!~!

FORTUNE TELLER ? I testing a Machine Fortune Teller in midvalley shopping centre, just as shown below...

Sure many of you saw this before right ?? Today when I felt bored walking here and there, I tried to test this little machine, slotted in a  50 cent coin and put my hand into the mouth as per instructions shown below :-) 

These are the instructions stated there...

Then it slowly analyzed my hand , ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ti ~!~!~!~!

And came out this slip --> RESULT ,
tick tick tick tick, eiiiiiiiiiiiiii, the last part --
SeX - 8 points too ??
some will think "Alan, u need 8 persons for xxx perday?"
or "Alan, u 'do' 8 times perday?"
or "Alan, your rating is dxxn high for that..means u jin li hai lo !!"



  1. I have tried this machine before too, but its really up to one to believe or not. 50 sens to find out about your fortune????

  2. I played it like 10 years ago and it's really bullshit lmfao

  3. Naza.K - Just for fun only ,since i havent try it b4..

    JZ - Bullshit sometimes is funny too..lolz

  4. no la..jst dahsyat only..lolzzz