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Monday, April 18, 2011

SS2 K.T.Z Food

Went to the dessert store with my lovely gf to have a taste of tong sui and dessert, located in SS 2, Damansara Jaya..
called the Frutti Stall , No.22 , Jalan SS2/63 , Petaling Jaya , Tel : 03-7787 2499



Black Sesame - my favourite soup RM 2.90

Creamy Wheat - RM 2.90

Loh Mai Kai - RM 3.50

P/F Dumpling - RM 5.80 (Opps I forgot the what the short form means)

Wall Band - RM 4.30 YUmmy ~!~!!!

U guys gonna love this  ~!~! Come and have a try !!!
No.22 , Jalan SS2/63 , Petaling Jaya , Tel : 03-7787 2499


  1. My fav is also the black sesame Alan. SS2 has become a food haven, I used to stay at SS2 for 20 years, that was 7 years ago before I moved out to my current home.

    It has also become very packed and congested, as usual parking has become a big problem too.

  2. yes..that time when i reached this restaurant, i and my gf , we were the 2nd table customers, then after a while more and more people coming in as we expected, definitely a high congested area, sometimes i quite worry about my new car when driving n parking there..