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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Wok - Tropicana City Mall

Lovely dinner moment with my dear , at this restaurant called "Happy Wok"  in Tropicana City Mall , 1st floor (full address refer to the end of this post) , for we really felt happy after tasted the food there. At 1st we felt a bit expensive , but we still plan to have a try. As the result , we really satisfied with the taste YUMMY!!

Taufu in Minced Pork and Fried Shallot - Looks normal in everywhere ? 
but for me it tasted great !! especially its sauce ,well done..
RM 8 (Small)

Lap Cheong Omelette - fried egg with sausage
I like the taste of the sausage + the taste of the egg, well-mixed taste
RM 8 (Small)

Steamed Rice - my dear put some taufu sauce on it ..LOLZZ ,
RM 1 per plate

Tea (Xiang Pin Flavor) - refillable tea 
RM3 per pot

The Menu

The Interior 

Where is it??? --> Inside Tropicana City Mall 
Lot L1.12 , Level 1,
Tel : 03-7710 6112


  1. nice food, the tauhu is so tempting and its very healthy, great choice.

  2. ya, nava, u can go have a try, u know where is tropicana mall ?