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Thursday, March 31, 2011


This afternoon when I walked into Uptown to settle something, I saw this Unique "Tank" which was stated COLGATE , a simple but still looked interesting for me due to its Colgate bottle so dxxn big there...They are giving away the colgate plax to everyone passing by no matter in car or pedestrian ... :-)

After I took the photo with my little Nokia cellphone, the promoter gave me 2 small sets of these --> Colgate Plax, havent try b4, will try one the moment I'm using Listerine which is effective for me, make me feel cool and clean after lunch , But REMEMBER Dont accidentally swallow it..lolzz

** For those who afraid of bad breath can use this kinda liquid to clean and feel fresh in ur mouth, tell u guys, Bad Breath really sucks if u experience b4, is just like killing u softly if that particular ppl keep talking to u without WARNING>> LOLZZ

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTF Bank !!!!!

I called a bank seeking info for car loan interest rate, then ::::

A) I called them, 1st answered , told me sth like he was not responsible for this , told me to call the num xxxxxxxxxx , which was the number I was calling that time =_= lll

B) Fine , I called again, press another no. option (operator), then a girl answered, told me almost the same meaning...this time I Felt so WTF ddd

C) FINE, I emailed with straight forward questions, then they replied me to click the website bla bla bla with bank operating time n bla bla bla --> NO ANSWER OO~!~!~
TIAO MA Hai DE ~!~!

D) Then What Can I dO ?? I Told them how I not Satisfy with their service, I Felt want to scold them WTF u know?~?!~! but i still calm myself down, just 'scold' in 'formal' way !~!

See I M Bank --> need to intro again ?? not need rite?

WTF !!!

Unforgettable House Warming session

Unforgettable House Warming session - 12-Feb-11 

Well, as we all know, is normal to have a house warming celebration for those who just own a house, but.. sometimes is not ONLY a normal celebration, it can be CRAZY too !!
What can I SAY, just can express in PHOTOS ~!~!~!

!! This is ME !! the BloggER

!!Game Time!! put ur card on ur head without knowing what ur card's value is, then u set whose card value is the biggest or smallest or etc drink the wine ..HEHE

!! LOLZZZ !!

!! These were what we used for the GAME !!

!! DRunkKK ~ K.O !!

!! Photo Session !!

!! I look Young ,don't I ?? !! LOLZz

!!My Senior with her husband!!

!!Super GIRLSSS !!

!!SUPER BOYSSS ??? !! 

!! =_=lll !!

Well, congrats to Mr.Tan for owning a house of his own now..
Fun & Joy brings Good Luck to his new home :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wan go Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most ppl usually plan of going to places in Asia due to :
a) cheaper expenses
b) nice places like Thailand, Vietnam,Ang Kor Wat, Hong Kong, Singapore & etc

But for me , I still prefer Europe or Western Countries:
a) Canada
b) England
c) United States of America
d) Spain
e) Australia
f) Etc

I like the sceneries there, is really attractive and fascinating esp for a person like me who hearts photography so much..Other than that, I can witness different cultures , lifestyles, entertainment, etc.

Although I will feel sucks when I think of the currency MYR (RM)=> $$$ /EUR

1 MYR = 0.2348 EUR
1 MYR = 0.3304 USD
1 MYR = 0.3242 CAD
1 MYR = 0.3222 AUD
Then $$$ will make my mood to this -->  =_= lll

So I promised myself that I will save a lot of money for this vacation, is really Worth to see the 'world' which is totally different from mine...

Below are some photos i wanna share with u guys , also the reasons why I like western countries or Europes:




Los Angeles , United States of America

Perth Beach, Australia

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sg.Long Pasar Pagi

Been to Sg.Long Pasar Pagi few weeks ago, had a wonderful time walking with my sis for Breakfast hunting ~!~!, well, taken some shoots there, u guys know what, sg.long although is farer than my working place, but is a nice place to live in. For me, I can feel more like home here, more residential area , compare to Damansara which is too commercial.. :-)

Breakfast Time ~!~!~!

Simply KaCha ~!~!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

KaCha Chinese Lantern ~!~!

Some oldies creation of mine, hope u guys like it ~!~!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ka-Cha Some photos

When u feel bored, what will u do ?? Dreaming or sLeeping?? 
For me, I will Ka-Cha some photos to share with u guys..

My little book on my laptop

Whose hand and leg ?? Guess it..

Fruits of the Day , Colors the day..

Lamp of Romance

Not an ordinary bag, follows my journey..

Human Traffic Jam, in the nice architectural building called the Garden


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cameras Camerassss u tell me

Nice video intro ,right?
More detail for PAnasonic GF2 ? see BELOW

Other Cameras

1. SONY NEX-5 -----------------------------------------------------

2. OLYMPUS PEN E-PL2  -------------------------------------------------

3. Leica M9 -----------------------------------------------------------

4. CANON G12 -------------------------------------------

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BOOK : Why Man Love BITCHES !!

I found this book in Borders bookstore last year, dunno still got or not.
Anyway, this book really amazing , I mean its contents written by the author,
  Funny but True ~!~!

For those wanna buy it , go to bookstore la..
For those who are computer freaks, stay at home also can read , go to

Life's Interesting ~!!~!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie: Adjustment Bureau 2011

Watched this movie few days ago, Comment: 1-10, I give 7 , nice..
Have u ever wonder if ur routes have been planned by the others?
What will u be now if u choose A instead of B or C or D ? 
Think about it..
But If you love someone , will u risk anything just for him/her? if yes, FIGHT FOR IT...

The 1st surprise meet in the gents when this both main actors met, this Senator is preparing a speech for his election in a very down mood, but the 'planner' adjust his faith to meet this lovely woman in order to motivate him to proceed his road smoothly...well--> is according to plan

But when thing goes wrong, they come for him..

One of the 'planner' helps him to get what he really want and love, and so the girl decided to let go everything and her original future just for him..
The 'planner' said : If you choose to be with her, you will not only ruin ur dream but also hers,she will become a famous dancer if she is continues to be with Adrian(his Ex) also a professional dancer (roughly is like that)..lolz

At the end, After a long run from the 'planners' , the chairman of the planner is touched by their actions, so their planner book is blanked for their future want to know more, go to watch it ~!~!