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Monday, March 14, 2011

Movie: Adjustment Bureau 2011

Watched this movie few days ago, Comment: 1-10, I give 7 , nice..
Have u ever wonder if ur routes have been planned by the others?
What will u be now if u choose A instead of B or C or D ? 
Think about it..
But If you love someone , will u risk anything just for him/her? if yes, FIGHT FOR IT...

The 1st surprise meet in the gents when this both main actors met, this Senator is preparing a speech for his election in a very down mood, but the 'planner' adjust his faith to meet this lovely woman in order to motivate him to proceed his road smoothly...well--> is according to plan

But when thing goes wrong, they come for him..

One of the 'planner' helps him to get what he really want and love, and so the girl decided to let go everything and her original future just for him..
The 'planner' said : If you choose to be with her, you will not only ruin ur dream but also hers,she will become a famous dancer if she is continues to be with Adrian(his Ex) also a professional dancer (roughly is like that)..lolz

At the end, After a long run from the 'planners' , the chairman of the planner is touched by their actions, so their planner book is blanked for their future want to know more, go to watch it ~!~!


  1. 30% romance, more to Fight for the road he choose, that is to be with this girl.. besides that, is an interesting movie when u see how the 'planners' plan ppl lifes..