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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Beloved Creatures ~!~!

Got a request from a Miao lover blogger CazzyCazz , want me to upload my home coolest creatures :
Ok ,is miao time,Let me do the INTRO

This white cat, name Rocky , a dog's name for a female cat? Yes it is, but she just like to be with human especially ME , no matter where she go ,other stray cats don't even want to be near with her, they rather find other cats to fight instead of her, well, she is my high class white babe..lolz

This pretty, active and smart looking female cat,name Ah Hua (flower in chinese) , died last year due to lung problem, doctor kept giving her injections but at the end , her contract with God arrived..dxxn, tears almost came out when upload this photo..

This Black crystal eyes Cat name Hei Hei (Black in chinese) , brilliant in flirting and making girlish miaos when she is hungry, so u will definitely feel she is cute and give her food at the end..she in-charge of 1st floor of my house, other cars go out will sure kena chase down..LOLZ

This cat ,name Ugly (not need to Explain ,rite) , although she is ugly, but she is VERY VERY gentle and her fur is dxxn smooth and soft , sort of using softener type..

This fat female cat called Naky (not Nike) or Ja BO Kia ( Daughter in Hokkien), she is the eldest now in the Miao family, seldom play games, solo-play, mature type ...

This BLur Blur car ,name Toon Toon, he is afraid of rain and thunderstorm, when these disasters come, u can hardly find him around, try the room and below cupboards ~!~!

This Cat name I forgot d,  but she died about 1 to 2 years ago, due to sickness.

This call Lucky ,same type as the above cat, now a bit fat coz like to EAT EAT EAT, waiting other to stop eating and he will see whether still got left OVER, OMG~!~!

****In the past still got some cats, but I just share what I still remember and which photos I still got, miss them all..That's all for now for my CATS ...I understand some people don't like cats , some ppl do, no matter cats or dogs or watever, appreciate your time with them, they are just like humans too.. love them and care for them..PLs for God Sake..


  1. Nice!!!!!!!!! Ah Hua is at a better place now, but i seriously do understand how you feel :(
    Ugly isn't ugly ler, she is so 'chun'!!! Where is your hometown??

    Alan, thank you very much for sharing!! It's really really lovely and your cats are so 'hor mia' to have met you and your family :)

  2. thanks cazzy, my hometown at sibu,sarawak,
    what bout u? where u keep ur lovely cats ? haha

  3. Alan,
    They are with me, in my apartment, ALL OF THEM! LOL.... Mine cats are all kept in-house, they are not allowed to step their paws out of the house :D I am staying in apartment mah, later neighbours complain :(

  4. lolz..ic, understand that, but if u let them out will be dangerous too sometimes..