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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WTF Bank !!!!!

I called a bank seeking info for car loan interest rate, then ::::

A) I called them, 1st answered , told me sth like he was not responsible for this , told me to call the num xxxxxxxxxx , which was the number I was calling that time =_= lll

B) Fine , I called again, press another no. option (operator), then a girl answered, told me almost the same meaning...this time I Felt so WTF ddd

C) FINE, I emailed with straight forward questions, then they replied me to click the website bla bla bla with bank operating time n bla bla bla --> NO ANSWER OO~!~!~
TIAO MA Hai DE ~!~!

D) Then What Can I dO ?? I Told them how I not Satisfy with their service, I Felt want to scold them WTF u know?~?!~! but i still calm myself down, just 'scold' in 'formal' way !~!

See I M Bank --> need to intro again ?? not need rite?

WTF !!!


  1. Hahahahahha, chill chill my friend! I understand how you feel as i have had similar experience before too!! I am currently under Affin Bank, for both cars also under Affin, interest rate wasn't too bad and service is good :)

  2. oic...i took maybank, interest rate higher about 0.15% , but still ok for me coz not much difference, thanks Cazzy , what car u own ?

  3. small cars nia mine, definitely not that mini MR-S lah! Kekkekeke..... Driving a Hyundai Getz & a manual Viva. Previously owned a Toyata Avanza. Now eyeing on (not now lah, been eyeing) Toyota Caldina for the longest time :) After i buy my landed house 1st lah, car comes only second.

    What car did you buy?

  4. mine Perodua Alza,will be 'landing' on next week, actually MYvi at 1st in my mind, then when i was on the way to PErodua to make reservation, I saw an Alza parking at roadside, so I went to have a look, I like its interior the best, design not bad, so when I reached PErodua straight I went to sit in Alza and straight to my reservation all within half an hour..LOLZzz