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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unforgettable House Warming session

Unforgettable House Warming session - 12-Feb-11 

Well, as we all know, is normal to have a house warming celebration for those who just own a house, but.. sometimes is not ONLY a normal celebration, it can be CRAZY too !!
What can I SAY, just can express in PHOTOS ~!~!~!

!! This is ME !! the BloggER

!!Game Time!! put ur card on ur head without knowing what ur card's value is, then u set whose card value is the biggest or smallest or etc drink the wine ..HEHE

!! LOLZZZ !!

!! These were what we used for the GAME !!

!! DRunkKK ~ K.O !!

!! Photo Session !!

!! I look Young ,don't I ?? !! LOLZz

!!My Senior with her husband!!

!!Super GIRLSSS !!

!!SUPER BOYSSS ??? !! 

!! =_=lll !!

Well, congrats to Mr.Tan for owning a house of his own now..
Fun & Joy brings Good Luck to his new home :-)

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