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Thursday, March 31, 2011


This afternoon when I walked into Uptown to settle something, I saw this Unique "Tank" which was stated COLGATE , a simple but still looked interesting for me due to its Colgate bottle so dxxn big there...They are giving away the colgate plax to everyone passing by no matter in car or pedestrian ... :-)

After I took the photo with my little Nokia cellphone, the promoter gave me 2 small sets of these --> Colgate Plax, havent try b4, will try one the moment I'm using Listerine which is effective for me, make me feel cool and clean after lunch , But REMEMBER Dont accidentally swallow it..lolzz

** For those who afraid of bad breath can use this kinda liquid to clean and feel fresh in ur mouth, tell u guys, Bad Breath really sucks if u experience b4, is just like killing u softly if that particular ppl keep talking to u without WARNING>> LOLZZ

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