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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wan go Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most ppl usually plan of going to places in Asia due to :
a) cheaper expenses
b) nice places like Thailand, Vietnam,Ang Kor Wat, Hong Kong, Singapore & etc

But for me , I still prefer Europe or Western Countries:
a) Canada
b) England
c) United States of America
d) Spain
e) Australia
f) Etc

I like the sceneries there, is really attractive and fascinating esp for a person like me who hearts photography so much..Other than that, I can witness different cultures , lifestyles, entertainment, etc.

Although I will feel sucks when I think of the currency MYR (RM)=> $$$ /EUR

1 MYR = 0.2348 EUR
1 MYR = 0.3304 USD
1 MYR = 0.3242 CAD
1 MYR = 0.3222 AUD
Then $$$ will make my mood to this -->  =_= lll

So I promised myself that I will save a lot of money for this vacation, is really Worth to see the 'world' which is totally different from mine...

Below are some photos i wanna share with u guys , also the reasons why I like western countries or Europes:




Los Angeles , United States of America

Perth Beach, Australia


  1. then let's go, butttt be4 u want to go, save many many $$ 1st, don't go other places 1st until u go Europe 1st..lolz

  2. consider to go Europe too ??

  3. I stayed in UK before, but i still prefer Asian countries for its FOOOOOOOD!! LOL.... But that was before i took interest in photography..... I kinda like Europe countries, but i still like Asian countries more :D

  4. You should check out France too. =)

  5. oic..ok, no prob, germany too..