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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Health Attention to Bloggers & Non-Bloggers

Ok, Frankly speaking, I saw this advertisment in today's Star Newspaper 8-March-11  in health issue.
Guess why I suddenly so alert about it??  REASON : LIVER ~!~! , Liver is one of the important gearbox for us to move on too, so this so-called 'vitamin' which cost rm92.80 , or rm1.50 per day(consume 1 per day) will help us to cleanse our Liver ~!~~!

Chlorella : 
- Detoxifying ability to neutralise or remove poisonous substances from the body
- Cleanse liver of toxins,heavy metals and unwanted substances
- Stimulate a protective effect on the liver from toxic injury
- Strengthen functions of the liver to filter and remove toxins and unwanted substances
- Aid the body in breaking down persistent hydrocarbon and metallic toxins
- Increase the liver's ability to remove fungi,bacterias and poisons from the blood.
- Nourish the liver with the proper nutrients it requires.

* Remember to take care your health no matter u are too busy blogging or not, please alert of health news..
- I will buy one soon....Don't forget, Health still no.1

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