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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life Nowadays Haizzzzzz

TELL ME Whyyyyy, I don't understand
(so familiar, from a song's lyric i guess)

OK Guys, tell me what u feel when u see the below sign and statements..LOLZZZ

When u eat for RM10 , u need to pay EXTRA how much ??

RM10 + (RM10*16%) = RM11.60 , IF for LArger amount ??? U do the MAth

This dumpling, Can u imagine how small is it ???
wtf ,one bowl of soup with 12 dumplings cost rm4.50

MAth : 4.50 / 12 = rm0.375 / dumpling..
FOR A Tiny Dumpling.. 
Ma hai de ..(Don't learn this word ,k? is bad )

Petrol v95 : RM1.90 per liter - ur car go like tortoise struggling for Running
Petrol v97 : RM 2.50 per liter - ur car run like cats and dogs 
Petrol VP Racing : Rm2.70 per liter - ur car can FLYYYY


Who those who know hokkien, i dedicate this song for u all ~!! 


  1. Hai..... i guess it's time for me to cook more and eating out less :(

  2. one of the good idea too :-)