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Sunday, March 6, 2011

What I saw in PC exhibition in MidValley 5-Mar-11

PC Exhibition in MidValley , been there on SAturday 5th MArch 2011, traffic jam until 'hai', 
i slept in car--> my pal ah haw drove..thanks man

ok Let's get straight what i saw there :::

 1st : This model attracted my attention,( after a long walk ).. Took some photos of her, but forget to get contact from her , so that I can hire her to be my model for some photoshoot .. so frens if see this sentence sure will say " Alan, u want make friend is it ?? dun pretend la !!"  LOLZZZZZ

2nd : Nowadays doing business really dxxn hard , free here n there, the problem is u free here n there, some even don't look at it and walk away..Kan ko bo lan zai ~!~!

3rd : The part i hate MOST , stuck here for more than 10 minutes or more than that, imagine u just can stuck in a queue and move in just LEss than 1km/hr speed...tiuuuu....

ps : short blog but straight forward, lolzzz


  1. The girl is really very pretty. I think she worked in this PC fair too. The one that just ended.

  2. Ic , actually i planned to go PC Fair, ended up didn't go coz nth to buy at the moment, frankly speaking I haven't witness PC fair with my own eyes before in KL..will go the next round.. thanks for visit..just added ur blog in my list