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Sunday, June 12, 2011

G6 (Garden Mall) - BiG Day for Kaster & Kenny

10-Jun-11 : Rocking-full Birthday celebration for Kaster and Kenny in G6 (6th floor) ,The Garden Mall  , with beer and wine to cheer and high up our party moment, following with the power of DJ's guidance in world of sound and music :-) 
Luckily I got brought my little Canon to capture some nice shots for this happy hour moment.

Birthday Guy and Girl :-) Kaster & Kenny

Prize inside the Balloon , Smash it and see what u GET !!!!

This was what we got from the BALLOON :-)

I'm the MAN :-) LOLZZz

Thanks Canon , Delighting us Always !! :-)


  1. Great photography you have here Alan!! Great fun and great place too ^___^ Though i have no idea where and what izzit! Kekekekekke

  2. Thanks Cazzy , is at the top floor of Garden Mall :-) it was colleagues' birthday celebration,went there to have a party and making new frens as well..haha