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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dear Bloggers and my blog Readers,

How are you guys now ? livin vida lo ca ? everything still fine ? busy blogging ? i havent blog for so long d..miss u guys d...

Well, lan si Alan Ting is back on track to update the blog d..

Latest photo of me, still remember me u guys ?

REally REally a long time no update d..

Well now I'm Single again !! Broke up last month 

But We still frens :-) 

Life's Still goes ON !! I love my single life now :

Get back on Track on my life :

 - Go places I wanna go
- Make New FRENS 
- New Aims , New Life , New Environment
- Life's Interesting and Time is passing so fast, no turning back
Life's Interesting (Alan ,2012) 


  1. all the best and enjoy ur life!!!

    1. Thanks Camy !! u too for ur uni life, if many guys ther are after u, make a comparison , see which suits ur requirement :-)