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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hero of my country

where can u find this kinda spirit where many races sit together and watch the olympic game with teh tarik in hands?only one place in this world we call Malaysia..
i guess all malaysians will never forget how our Dato Lee Chong Wei fought so hard for our country all these years in the badminton field..we will never forget how he sat down on the green court with dissappointment and apologized when he lost the olympic game this year 2012 to silver in London..although he didnt win the game but he always win our heart..i believe most of the news in nationwide is publishing now more about his courage and matter wat happen,just try ur best and never gv up..we will always support you!!! Malaysia Boleh! !!

Well, here our malaysians proudly welcoming his arrival back to Malaysia with a warm greetings and supports, u guys can view from the video below :-)