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Monday, August 20, 2012

SomeThing for Mon-Holi-Day

Life is interesting sometimes,  You dunno who u wanna date, you dunno what u want sometimes, you feel missing of sth and you dunno wtf is it which is missing, love , $ ,sex , fxxk , relationship, entertainment ,property , trips or wtf etc ??

You might confuse when u wanna make decision in life, just like when you are blur and thinking “Which one I want , snickers or mars ? “ but at the end  you end up choosing Picnic . It might be  =.=lll for some ppl to face this kinda problem but this really happen in life too, have you face before ? I did..

Have you ever try to go to different kind of place? Such as a place with no concrete, and also a place with many concrete structures.. Do you realize what will happen to your mind that time, the way it thinks and how it affect your emotion between these 2 diff kinds of location ? For me , If I am at the place WITHOUT CONCRETE, my mind will think less about 80% of stuff and the brain just relax and easy just like laying on the nice field of New Zealand with beautiful sunrise, BUT when I am in the place WITH CONCRETE , my brain starts (just like the switch Turn ON) to gear up  and rolling and thinking “work, $ , friends , girls to Date ? (normal to guys) , entertainment, nice place for a drink  and spend my $ , making new frens, , and many other shxt and wtf stuffs”, this  just like Simplicity vs Complexity concept affecting our life , you can watch the video below to know more about it (interesting and funny video, and you will never wanna miss it coz is from professionals TED )


This morning I took a lame but also a cool looking photo of how I enjoyed my morning sunshine in this Mon-Holi-Day (instead of Monday which makes a lot of ppl think of Monday blue and Work) , well it was kinda nice weather today with calm atmosphere sitting in a nice house and starting my day with blogspot as some of my readers wondering where hv I been and lost from blogspot for a long time..well, here I am start writing fren posted in my fb for this photo (shown above) , they thought it was a MAC laptop, and Ireplied the comment that I bought it about rm5000++ , LOLz, but actually there is a hp brand there J

Sitting in a nice house alone and blogging with nice music switch on from a LCD, just like in a resort + blog + blog + drink fresh milk + have a Jacob weetameal + blog + blog like blog-freak…suddenly I kinda miss my Black Label wine, forget to bring, aiks..well nvm, I drink beer instead but dunno here got any beer for me or not (you can view my previous blog  before this I had written about the benefits of having BEER in ur life).

What to DO in my new beginning of LIFE now? suddenly this kinda boring question came to my mind this i kept thinking n thinking..then i wrote down the followings :

-          Save lot of $
-          No unnecessary trip
-          Beer time or High Class dinner (once/twice per month )
-          Make new frens everywhere
-          Explore new things
-          Never give up in anything esp career
-          New Aim & Target (may apply to new date as well )
-          Make Choices and Don’t look back
-          Catch up with more investment stuff
-          Choose a nice place for self-break
-          Never go to a same place twice
-          Save money for Eurotrip with Best fren, not sure still applicable coz she is dating now..Opps shxt, gonna have plan B
-          And important thing à have a nice day and memories

Any Comment about this? something wrong with my To-Do List? or watever wtf it is.. Life is just like a BaseBall, u really need to focus and try hard and try smart in watever u do to reach ur AIM..not easy...

LAst month during the early July 2012, I went to play baseball (commercial baseball type , not need to run in the square box, just stand there still and wait the maching to shoot the ball towards ur direction and u hit it) in OneUtama shopping mall , top floor of Parkson block if u guys wanna go hv a try, not expensive..well , just like I said, life is not easy , when u feel u can hit the ball but u cant hit it, and this keep going on and on 15 ball shot out and yet u maybe just can hit 1 or 2 balls with 50-70 miles/hr, BUT when u hit it "POM" and the ball is hit back, u will feel "wow,cool, finally" ..That's life, when u say cool, pls don't cool down, keep going and trying for the better one...Life's Interesting (Alan, 2012)...


  1. our life full of surprising things....don't expect to much just go with the flow...but don't too laypark la...

  2. i know, but at least i hv my aims and direction 1st, sometimes we are the one who control our own flow too :-)