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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dating in Steam Room , Sunway Giza

Saturday nite 13.08.11 - Took a drive in my Prince Alza with my dear to Sunway Giza's Steam Room to have a nice dinner in a warm environment, for sure with some tasty food & beverages. Below are some photos taken that day to be shared with all of you readers :-)

Appertizer RM 3.00

Honey Lemon Cooler RM 6.80 , this one tasted normal, nth special for this.

Minted Honeydew Apple Juice RM 8.80, Tasted normal too

Pork Belly with Bean Skin RM 13.80, rating 6/10.

Braised Pork Belly RM 13.80, rating 7/10

Mango Pudding RM 5.80 , rating 8/10

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