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Friday, August 5, 2011

Moves, Vibes, Dance - Let's MoviDA !!

No matter how hard and tired we Work, we will not forget to gather once again to relax our mind and cheer up the whole day again..Well, let's Move , Vibes and Dance in Movida -- In Sunway Giza :-)

LEt's have a drink 1st while waiting for the others !!

I brought a special beam of light ,attached at our fingers and we were spinning around !!

The little beauty, naughty Karen

My hyperactive senior Ann..see how happy she is !!

Yeah , Half " dead and alive " caused by Black Label :-)

Well, I really don't know what they were Rapping about there !!

The 3 extraordinary girls !!

For those new comers to clubbin , don't know how to drink ? But u need to drink at least half of the cup of Black Label !!

Just Smile and Wave :-)


  1. So true! lol I don't remember when was the last time I went to drink and dance. Wait! I think I remember lol

  2. ic, hopefully hv chance to drink n dance with u b4 u go penang.