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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


 Some good Words to share with GIRLS IN THE WORLD !!~!~!~! 
Maybe some of u will say "HUhhh, Sure or not ?!! " 
I saw this from The Star newspapers and share with u all !!

Below are some things that may help you feel beautiful every day. Start small, practise being beautiful every other day and, in two weeks time, you should begin feeling as good as you look:

1. The first thing you have to do is get a size out of your mind. There is no universal perfect size. Stop reading the magazines that promote anything perfect. Anything perfect is not real.

2. Do not say anything negative about your body, hair, or face all day. Replace anything negative you would usually say with something positive.

3. When you look at people, instead of noticing their “physical flaws”, notice their beautiful aspects. Notice lips, eyes, neck, arms, shoulders, and anything else that is physically beautiful to you.

4. Don’t let anyone say anything disrespectful about your looks all day. Many women let people talk to them in a disrespectful way. They have grown so used to it, they no longer notice. Today is the day to notice it and make it verboten.

5. Move your body. Think of something beautiful and move your body to that thought. In a recent report of what men thought most beautiful about women, “the way they moved” was in the top three.

6. Any smell that makes you feel beautiful is a good smell to have in your presence. Women are very sensitive to smell. Sometimes a smell can change our whole mood.

7. Sing to “your song”. What is your song? That song should make you feel beautiful, happy, sexy, and alive. If you don’t have one, you need to identify one and sing it to feel vibrant and beautiful.

8. Are you watching a show that promotes something to help you get rid of something ugly? Switch the channel. Advertisements are created to get you to buy their product. They know the power of beauty.
Beauty is not for sale, but plastic surgery and treatments are. Beauty comes from feeling beautiful and acting on that thought.

9. Feeling beautiful has a lot to do with feeling comfortable about your body. Do you feel like a stranger to your body? Begin touching, exercising, and listening to your body so you know the sensitive parts, the strong parts, and the areas of your body that need more attention. Don’t expect a partner to know how to love your body if you don’t.

10. Take care to smile more when you want to feel more beautiful. Everyone always looks more beautiful when you smile.

All of us want to look good, but it becomes a liability when you go to extremes to achieve perfection or begin to project the need for perfection onto your children.
We all have a spark of the divinity within us. Getting in touch with our spiritual side makes us feel more beautiful.

Women who focus on their looks and surround themselves with women who hate growing older or constantly criticise the looks of others, will grow more spiteful of their body and their imperfections.
Most of the husbands I work with tell me that their sex life worsened as their wife grew older. They also tell me it wasn’t them who rejected their wife (most of the men I work with tell me their wife is beautiful), but that it was their wife who rejected themselves.


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