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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 2nd Sis Big Day 2011 !~!~

Sis Sophia's Birthday Celebration 2011 - Celebrating my 2nd sis' birthday in Sunway Pyramid
~ Eat, Cheer, Walk , Shop ~

1st Round
Reached Sunway Pyramid with my Prince Alza around 2.30pm , 
Sakae Sushi already had its business queue..

~ My sis & her Dear ~

 ~ Soft Shell Crab Crepe - Taste SO GOOD !!!  ~

~ This tasted GOOD too, above layer :Prawn, layer below it: Potato ,forget its name d..LOLZZ ~

 ~ This kid kept looking at us while we having our sushi moment there, so what can i do?
I took photos lo...

2nd Round

Well, when reached evening time, stomach sure hungry d after a long 'walkaton'..
So they planned to have KOREAN BBQ to fill their stomach ..

~While waiting for a long queue, chit chat 1st, LOLZZ ~

~ Our photo session too ~

~ Our BBQ TIME ~

~ Smile and Cheers ~

~ Here stillllllllllll got children wanted to have fun with us again, but became 2 persons..LOLZZ
What can i do? I took photos again lo.. ~

3rd Round

~ Shopping TIME -- in Padini Concept Store, well, as we all know , it usually crowded esp during SALES, but when we came after our dinner time (KoreanBBQ), it was not so crowded already ~

4th Round

~ After shopping , we had a short chit chat moment in New Zealand Natural for some shake and ice-cream~

That's all our journey for my sis' birthday 2011 celebration , 2.30pm - 10.00pm LOLZZ



  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your sis and I LOVE BBQ Plaza!!! ^_________^ The bacon!!!! *drools*

  2. thanks len lui...when we free, we go makan !!

  3. wow, so many rounds of birthdays? My belated birthday wishes to your sis too.

    Can see everyone had a great time.

  4. those kids were cute!!!! very nice

  5. yeap ellen, definitely, maybe God sent them to make the atmosphere more cheerful n fun ~!~! :-)