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Monday, May 2, 2011

The Opera - Sunway Pyramid

30-Apr-11 : Reporting in a bar called The Opera in Sunway Pyramid (In front of the main entrance, the Lion Head) . Reached there about 11.30pm , it was so dxxn jAM in there, but luckily there were plenty of car parks in open space car park in front of its resort (if u dun mind walk a short distance) , but I was not bored while on the way to the bar , u guys know that sunway pyramid also one of the prettiest night view in our country. :-)

~ Human Jam ~ but i think some guys like to jam in there, Frankly speaking, there were many pretty girls around there, even some of them were aunty but they still look high class 
--> Sunway maa...different area..LOLZZ

~ Invitation CArd, thanks to my fren who gave me this chance  ~ 

~ Taken in the front part of the Opera, as u can see from the 1st photo, got sort of exhibition for wine Hennessy V-SOP, but the fact is I didn't know what it was all about..LOLZZ , so this photo shows the young elegant promoters there ~

~ Nice decoration ==> Just for this is not an ordinary wine LOLZZ ~

~ Some sort of game there, just took photos of it ~ 

 ~ This is how the bar looks like, we were in the bar area, while for clubbin is an indoor activity.. ~

~ Our drinking, chatting and gaming time ~ 

~ Don't forget a group photo ~

*For my perception, for clubbin , it may not so fun or high, but this area is nice for you and me to come for a drink , chat and have fun instead of clubbing, the design is nice and unique, the view ( pretty girls and handsome guys) is definitely good :-)

I hang out here until almost 3am !! LOLZZz

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