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Saturday, May 28, 2011


- Superb Bubble Milk Tea seller from Taiwan (can sell more than 1000 cups perday) is now expanding its business into Malaysia, now in Midvalley, Pavilion,SS2 Mall , First Avenue and etc..I drank this once in Midvalley for its Pearl Milk Tea (As in menu with a 'crown' sign beside which means most recommended), then Roasted Milk tea in Pavilion Mall , the TASTE was just great :-)

OK, here are some photos from MIDvaLLEY

~ After u PAY, u need to go to this side to wait for ur drink.
(just like those in bank which "ting ting" number blink blink until ur turn ~ see the picture below

Here we come to Pavilion Mall


Don't keep looking , GO TO HAVE A TRY !!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Very popular among the youngers, for me its once a while only.

  2. ic, nava, u can go have a try, is tasty..believe me :-)