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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WORK ?? think about it

Just to share when someone posted in facebook , what a funny stuff but good theory expressed from this photo..i think many people will agree with that, do I agree? U guess..lolzz..

I got did some surveys (not official) , just asking around, this was what I gained as below  :

What happens on ...
Monday : Monday Bluesssssss, u will see many people look 'blueeeee''
Tuesday: 50% of 'blueness' virus still there.
Wednesday : Is time to show How Strong, Hardworking u aRE !!!!
Thursday : Oppss...a bit lazyyyy..."hmm..countdown for FRiday !!"
Friday : "Yo , 2nite go where ?? " "Saturday go where? ~?!~!~!""

SO...are u one of anyone who have this sort of thinking ?? 

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